The Secret Garden

Chapter Seven: "City of Lights"

Flight to Paris

Recoveries at Rosedale are cut short by a surprise attack from unknown assailants (most likely the Ivory Tower). Templeton is killed and Barraclough taken prisoner. The PCs flee.

They decide to pursue the Thebian and recover the diary (as much to regain possession of it as to evade further attacks). The trail leads first to Paris. In Paris, the mages encounter Amalgam #23 once more, who are apparently tailing them. They also meet local magi at the Pere Lachaise cemetery – as well as a curious man who identifies himself only as Adonaios, a “messenger”. The PCs contact Julianno Galbrese (aka Papa Luigi) to learn more of the Thebian’s route and Amalgam #23 discover a new way to make balloons…



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