The Secret Garden

Chapter Eight: "In the Blood"

Chez d'Anjou

Hot on the Thebian’s trail, the PCs arrive at Le Caylar, home to the d’Anjous, where the Thebian had come, following up on leads from the diary and wishing to trade excerpts from it for information.

Moonbeam has her first dealings with dark forces when she summons spectres to help her deal with Bruno. The results are inconclusive, but in her heart, she begins to feel the lure of the Dark Side. She sends out a spiritual call for an Asura…

The PCs explore Le Caylar, visit the d’Anjou Chapel, meet Etienne’s wraith and encounter Carrie. Amalgam #23 turns up and causes trouble. Furthermore, due to the initial absence of Gerard d’Anjou, the PCs have some clashes with his son Phillippe.



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