The Secret Garden

Chapter Eighteen: "Paradise Lost"

How to Destroy Angels

The magi attempt to pre-empt Moonbeam’s actions by assassinating her. There is a pitched battle with her and her Brahmastri cultist followers, but she is able to escape. The PCs join forces with the Union for the coming assault from the Jade Circle and begin forging the Umbral katana into a physical form. Disaster strikes however, when they investigate the two remaining heads aboard the orbiting Northern Security Collective.

During his temporal scrying, Gideon ran afoul of the Jade Circle and had a magical compulsion placed upon him. Confronted by the heads, it takes hold and he tries to free one of them. Only quick thinking by his fellows renders him safely unconscious.

Meanwhile, in the Himalayas, Moonbeam gives birth to Malachai the Nephilim and begins preparing herself for the final assault upon the NSC.

At the same time, however, Phillippe plans his own vengeance on his sister Mathilde and attacks Le Caylar in the company of Kindred and Wraiths of unknown origin. He kills several staff members before he is driven off with aid from Kenzo and Gunnar from the House of the Silent Mind. During the attack, however, Gideon is mortally injured to his heart. He falls into the Shadowlands and comes face to face with his brothers at the gates of Amen-ti before Mathilde’s magic returns him to life.

There is scant time for recovery before the Jade Circle launch a simultaneous attack on the NSC and Le Caylar both. Gideon and WiSK fight in high orbit alongside the Union against Malachai, Moonbeam and Adonaios while Mathilde, Kenzo and Gunnar hold off a massed force of banes led by Matthew and Simeon at Le Caylar.
The orbital battle carries over to the space shuttle “Atlantis”, where WiSK and Giddy fight face to face with the Angel of the Atomic Fire. In the end, it is swift intervention by the garou, who call upon the aid of Chimera, their guardian spirit, that saves the day.

As Adonaios is slain, his body dies in a 500-megaton nuclear explosion that destroys the Atlantis, the NSC and causes untold havoc with the telcom grid (not to mention radioactive debris raining down on North America). Chimera sends a tendril of power looping out across space to snare WiSK, Gideon and the elusive Moonbeam and return them all to Le Caylar.

For Moonbeam, this is but a penultimate stop on her journey. She is taken to Horizon, where she stands trial for her crimes. Pronounced barrabus and Nephandus, she is sentenced to death with gilgul. And so, in a final blaze of glory, Moonbeam goes down into the darkness forever.



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