Jade Kim

Bearer of the Red Word


A small girl bearing a terrible legacy, Jade Kim is quiet and serious and possessed of deep insight into the worlds that turn around her. She is rarely seen without her prized toy frog, Mr. Toady.


Jade is the daughter of Kim Kei Han and his wife Angela. She is the reincarnation of a mage of the Consanguinity of Eternal Joy who was promised a Good Death in every subsequent life by his masters.

In an alternate timeline, the reason for this was because Jade’s previous incarnation became infected with the Red Word. His companions gave him a Good Death and pledged to seek out each of his subsequent incarnations in order to repeat this process until the taint of the Red Word is finally cleansed from his soul.

When Jade was five, agents of the House of Helekar found her. They first attempted to insinuate an agent into the family – a man called Joaquin Tarrega. When her father discovered this interloper’s intentions, he paid for his discovery with his life. Joaquin, however, could no longer act openly.

Opting for a more direct approach, agents of House Helekar abducted Jade but she escaped them, somehow slipping into the spirit world. There she was rescued by our heroes, who attempted to take her to the Well of Souls to cleanse her of the Red Word. When House Helekar again attempted to take the girl, they abandoned this approach and sought an alternate method of undoing the harm that was done to her – and preventing Jade from doing further harm to the world around her.

Jade Kim

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