Theora Hetirck

Mystical Assassin


Hetirck is an attractive woman in her mid-20s, with an uneven bob of black hair (dyed) and large, child-like eyes. She dresses in black, and carries a variety of weapons. She favours a .44 magnum and a pair of wicked hunting knives.


Theora was first encountered as an associate of Klara Neumann, from whom she received surveillance data. She murdered Klara in Dachau after it became clear that Klara’s surveillance of the Butterfly Effect had been uncovered. Theora was noted to possess supernatural powers – her Resonance was identified as Entropic (Putrid and Hungry) and Dynamic (Coiling).

Theora turned up again when she tracked the Butterfly Effect to Rosedale Manor along with Shelton Bruntee. There she opened the Umbral pocket realm concealing the manor’s Node by sacrificing Zach Farley, but was driven off by the Cataphractine. She also murdered Danny Dawn and Yvonne Meadows before fleeing via Correspondence arts back to the House of Helekar. Interrogation of Shelton revealed that he and Theora were both members of the Freedom Razor.

In a different timeline, Theora was encountered when younger and captured from House Helekar. She agreed to testify against Voormas in return for a fair trial in Horizon.

Theora Hetirck

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