Fated Gangsta DJ


Essence: Dynamic

Nature: Not Playing Any More

Demeanour: Alert

Attributes: Str 5 (powerful), Dex 3, Sta 3, Cha 3, Man 2, App 2, Per 2, Int 2, Wit 2

Abilities: Alertness 1, Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Dodge 1, Drive (high-speed chases) 4, Etiquette 1, Expression 1, Firearms (machine-guns) 5, Intuition 1, Intimidation 2, Meditation (tai-chi) 1, Streetwise (drugs) 4, Subterfuge 1

Backgrounds: Dream 5

Spheres: Life 3, Prime 2

Specialty Foci: unknown

Unique Foci: none

Arete: 3

Willpower: 5

Resonance: unknown

Quintessence: 3

Paradox: 2

Merits: -

Flaws: Addiction (cannabis), Aggressive, Dark Fate

Initiative: 5

Attack: Brawl 4/5B, 44 Magnum 8/6L, Uzi 9mm 8/4L, Ithaca 8/8L, Knife 3/6L

Defense: Dodge 4, Soak 3B

Move: Walk: 7 yds, Jog: 15 yds, Run: 29 yds/14 yds


Bruno’s has not been a quiet or simple life – indeed, much of it is lost in the haze of drugs and bloodshed that hangs about Bruno like a shroud. From a long line of refugees and travelers, his past is as murky as his future, and he has been living without a thought for either for more time than he cares to remember now.

Recent years have seen him peddling his wares across the British Isles, dealing in dope, flesh and gunfire to all desiring or deserving of his attention. What began as a lucrative sideline in London soon turned nasty with the involvement of some very spooky Chinese people and Bruno fled north.

Manchester welcomed Bruno with open arms, enveloping him with its rave scene and drawing him deeper into the underground subculture that seems to have become Bruno’s habitual abode. An early deal with the local Gooch Close mob seems to have gone south, and Bruno knows that he will pay the price for that twist of fate before long.

But here at least heshould be able to make a living, if nothing more. And, as always, there is Ziggy. Bruno are sure that the cat is a lonely alien, stranded on planet Earth and Ziggy has done little to disabuse him of the notion. He has told Bruno himself (in a rare moment of feline loquacity) that he has an overwhelming interest in Bruno’s car and often doubles as Bruno’s accountant. Beyond that, he’s just this cute black-and-white kitty. Right?


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