Emaline d'Anjou

Ambitious messenger


Angel, demon or something else entirely? Emaline is a creature from Beyond. Some day she will return there, but in the meantime she moves amongst the mortals, doing her masters’ bidding.


In life, Emaline d’Anjou was a woman possessed by a demon. After the demon was (apparently) exorcised, she helped David Evans understand his initiation into the Shadow World. Her suicide soon followed.

Emaline apparently returned from beyond the grave, claiming to be an angel of the Lord. Which Lord, however, is still open to question. She has stated that she serves the Authorities and seeks to improve her standing in their eyes. This ambition seems largely focused in a trade in spirits and souls.

She is willing to aid those who seek her help, but always demands a price for her assistance. Woe betide those who think they can avoid paying this particular piper…

Emaline d'Anjou

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