Clay Man Figurine

Protective Figurine


Wonder (artifact) ●●●●●

The clay man is a small, human-shaped, intricately-carved clay figurine worn on a cord around the neck. Any Awakened individual wanting to get the protective benefits of a clay man amulet must attune it to himself by anointing it with his own blood or semen. Once anointed, the clay man becomes a powerful protective charm.

The next five times the character takes damage (while wearing the amulet), the clay man absorbs the wound in its entirety. This includes wounds brought about by physical combat, poison and magic. Each wound causes one of the clay man’s limbs to crumble to dust. With the fifth and final wound, the head of the clay man crumbles and the Charm is destroyed.


The clay man amulet was given to Kailani Benson by Yanner Morrow for helping Yanner and his family reach the Chalcedony Cathedral.

Clay Man Figurine

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