Butterfly Effect Tarot 1

The Butterfly Effect’s First Tarot Reading

Description of the Reading

Querent: Ace of Questing. The cabal is newly-formed, looking to its future, and filled with potential. They seek to know how to best address the problems facing them as a new cabal in Shadow London.

1st Card: The Emperor. The dominance of the Brythonic Lodge is everywhere, and has shaped the formation of the cabal and its need to seek some kind of security in London. The cabal also seeks to become master of its own destiny.

2nd Card: Queen of Pattern Reversed. The cabal are suffering because of their own failings. Some of them have misused their powers, some are overly dependent on each other. They must overcome these deficiencies if they are to proceed.

3rd Card: Five of Pattern Reversed. Despite their weaknesses, the cabal’s roots are in companionship. They have forged a spiritual bond and won much through their hardships. From this bond, they will find enlightenment.

4th Card: Ten of Primordialism Reversed. The near future, however, will not bring immediate satisfaction. It will bring further desires. The Thebian has proven unable to reveal the location of the Hapsburg Codex, and the cabal will need to endure this lack of satisfaction.

5th Card: Six of Dynamism. The cabal’s recent past is largely influenced by their journey up to Rosedale. There they carefully examined their options and took concrete steps to find the Thebian – not least an encounter with mages of the Freedom Razor.

6th Card: The Chariot. In the cabal’s distant future lies great success, the evolution of their powers, and travel to locations as yet unguessed at. Great opportunities will make themselves known and their whole outlook will be transformed. For such is the fate of those who allow themselves to be drawn into the heart of the Ascension War.

7th Card: Queen of Dynamism Reversed. Within their own ranks, the cabal is faced with a lack of understanding of one another. Despite their ability to work together, their paradigms and methods often clash. If the cabal cannot address this concern, their road will be a difficult one.

8th Card: Five of Questing Reversed. From without, the influence of the Brythonic Lodge continues to rear its head. They control much of what happens in London, and the Butterfly Effect cabal must always bear this in mind if they wish to prosper.

9th Card: The Empress Reversed. As their innermost hopes and ideals, the cabal wishes to end the problems that have dogged their paths, to destroy the influence of those who would hold them back, and forge a new destiny from the ruins of the old.

10th Card: Ace of Patterns. Overall, however, the cabal is looking at a promising future. If they can overcome their own intolerances and throw off the yoke of the Brythonic Lodge, if they can learn what they seek from the Thebian, great prosperity will be theirs. They quest for a new beginning, and that quest will lead them to the initiation of a new pattern, a new way of living in harmony with one another.

Butterfly Effect Tarot 1

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