Rosedale Manor

Located on the moors above Rosedale, this ruined manor has the reputation of being the most haunted place in Yorkshire. It is said that a monk called Barraclough was cast out of the local abbey for unspeakable crimes and went to build the manor, abducting and beheading local children until he was slain. Other tales speak of a cannibal chef who cooked his masters alive in the furnace, of a ghostly child that walks the grounds, and an immense black dog that hunts on the moors.

A number of other contradictory stories (with documentary evidence that only reinforces the contradictions) say that the manor burned in a fire, became a hippy commune, was turned into a conference centre, or was simply abandoned to the vines and wild roses.

In at least one timeline, the manor is a base belonging to the Northern Security Collective.

The place is also said to have been a safehouse for The Shoal and contains a powerful Node watched over by a spirit known as the Cataphractine.

Rosedale Manor

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