The Shoal are an enigmatic group who, for all intents and purposes, have sworn to protect Paradise itself. What Paradise actually is, however, is open to debate. Its members have described it as a secret garden, a sacred sea, a holy mountain, a blessed book, or an enchanted tapestry. Whatever the truth, the Shoal guard it.

The Shoal used various types of guardian to protect their properties. Among these were the Lix, a vile creation made from semen and excrement.

The Ahl-i-Batin claim that they inspired the creation of the Shoal, after teachings of Mount Qaf led to similar beliefs among European magi.

Balthazar of Thebes was once a member of one of the Shoal’s cabals, the Rosedale Fellowship. However he attempted to glimpse that which he was sworn to protect. He tried to enter Paradise. For this unforgiveable sin, he was expelled from the group forever.


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