Tarot Readings

From time to time, the Mage Tarot deck rears its spooky head. This page provides a brief overview of how the tarot is read and gives links to tarot readings that have taken place during the chronicle.

The Celtic Cross

The method used most often is known as the Celtic Cross. It provides a broad range of possibilities and interpretations and looks pretty cool as well. How does it work?

The cards are laid out in the order shown below, starting with the Querent card, then with the other cards in the numbered order. Below is a sample spread and a description of what each card means.

Querent: The Querent card represents the seeker who asks the question. Sometimes it is chosen in advance by the seeker (especially if he feels a bond to a certain card) and other times it is chosen from the deck.

1st Card: The Present. This card represents forces now at work in the seeker’s life.

2nd Card: Immediate Challenges. The second card represents conflicts currently at play in the seeker’s life, challenges facing the seeker, and problems to be overcome.

3rd Card: Distant Past. This card forms the basis of the seeker’s distant past, the foundation of the current situation.

4th Card: Immediate Future. Also known as the Crown, this card represents the immediate future and a means to end an old way of thinking.

5th Card: Recent Past. This card shows the recent past and a possibility that has yet to be translated into action. It also shows events that are taking place in the seeker’s life, not necessarily related to the question at hand.

6th Card: Distant Future. The sixth card shows the long term future. With the exception of the final card, is probably the most important indicator in the reading because it often shows the best possible outcome. Note that this outcome may not be the same as predicted by the 10th card, which instead shows what it likely to occur.

7th Card: Inner Concerns. This represents the seeker’s inner concerns, fears or cares.

8th card: Outside Influences. This shows the outside influences, from friends and society, that are affecting the seeker.

9th Card: Hopes and Ideals. This represents the seeker’s hopes and ideals, and shows what the seeker wants out of their situation as well as the reading itself.

10th Card: Final Outcome. This gives the sum total of the entire reading and indicates what the final outcome of the situation will be.

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Tarot Readings

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