The Secret Garden

Chapter Nine: "Lilith's Path"

The Thebian's End

The PCs arrive in Altensteig, just after the Thebian. Refused aid by the d’Anjous, turned away from the Subtle Ones in Jerusalem, he has come to the Black Forest to seek Lilith’s Path from the wiccans who dwell there. The PCs meet the two local Verbena covens and attend a massive rave held by Gauss (who makes her debut this chapter).

Leaving the rave, they are set upon yet again by Amalgam #23. Gideon has his little “bomb incident” when he uses Correspondence arts to displace an Amalgam bomb into the heart of London. Many deaths ensue.

The Thebian petitions the Verbena for access to Lilith’s Path. They agree, knowing it will kill him (and, as time will tell, they have other, yet more sinister motivations). As reality buckles under the weight of the coming conflict, a pack of garou move into the area. They are followed shortly by none other than Adonaios (responding to Moonbeam’s earlier call for an Asura), who fries the garou in a sizzly fashion.

Heedless of Adonaios’ warnings, the Thebian pursues Lilith’s Path. Amalgam # 23, working in cooperation with German members of the Ivory Tower, strike to intervene and a ferocious battle breaks out. It is further complicated by the intervention of Carrie, who reveals her true nature: the Black Spiral Dancer formerly known as Calling Swans. She strikes the Thebian down and escapes with his spirit. Adonaios observes impassively as the battle reaches its conclusion.
When the dust settles, all of Amalgam #23 are dead, as is the Thebian. The PCs retrieve the diary and begin to peruse its mysterious crinkly contents.



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