The Secret Garden

Chapter Twelve: "Recriminations"

Vengeance on the Union

The mages hide out at Rosedale, where they find Adamas Tremayne also lying low. Their rest is short lived, however, when Athumi Kindred attack Rosedale, seeking to keep the magi out of Manchester. They are not expecting to find such strong resistance (including the redoubtable Agent Gillespie) and are slit up a treat.

The magi decide to kidnap Karl Lenzer (local Ivory Tower bigwig) and ransom him for Barraclough. A daring gambit at the Altrincham Golf Course reveals that Lenzer is a clone. The magi interrogate the clone and torture him to death.

Moonbeam confers with her dark patrons, who agree to aid the PCs in kidnapping the real Lenzer. With their shadowy aid, the magi use a corrupted node to sneak past Lenzer’s defences and strike against the Ivory Tower HQ. They are able to inflict heavy losses as well as abducting their target. Negotiations follow, with the Ivory Tower agreeing to handover Barraclough for Lenzer.

However, as the exchange takes place, Moonbeam’s sponsors come to collect their debt. Appearing in monstrous form, Matthew makes off with the hapless Barraclough, leaving the mages bitterly empty handed and smarting from the betrayal of their erstwhile ally Moonbeam. This time round, the good guys lose.



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