The Secret Garden

Chapter Thirteen: "Of Serpents, Pearls and Forbidden Fruit"

Visions within Visions

The mages visit Fulroony Manor (a Hermetic Chantry linked to Doissetep) for an exchange of information. While there, the magi ingest an umbral dream smoke given to them in Horizon by a Dreamspeaker friend of Barraclough’s, hoping for insight into the plight of their friend.

They witness flashbacks within flashbacks; a nested set of visions, spiralling back through Barraclough’s memories to the battle between the Rosedale Fellowship and the Jade Circle atop a great glacier.

Emerging from these visions, the magi come to a greater understanding of their true foes, the Jade Circle, and Moonbeam comes to realise that her path lies in an altogether different direction. With much to consider, the mages part ways for a year…



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