The Secret Garden

Chapter Fourteen: "Trinity"

In the Belly of the Beast

Accompanied by her familiar and mentor Matthew, Moonbeam carouses across the globe in an orgy of drugs, death and dark magic. From Istanbul in October ’95, via Johannesburg and Calcutta, to the drug slums of Paris by September ’96. Which is where Gideon and Adamas finally find her, determined to have vengeance for the loss of Barraclough.

Gideon has been tracking Moonbeam across the globe. En route, he and Adamas encounter two garou from the Sept of the House of the Silent Mind in Yamanashi, Japan. These two (Vlad and Gunnar) have been charged by their guardian spirit to redeem Moonbeam. A furious battle in the cellars of a Paris crackhouse soon changes their minds. Adamas is slain, as is Kim Vachon (sent by the Jade Demon to aid Moonbeam) and Moonbeam and Matthew escape.

Giddy and the garou tail her to Jerusalem, where they are able to capture her, only for her to be rescued by a strike team composed of Calling Swans, the Skinner and an unnamed Black Spiral. Her captors helpless to prevent it, Moonbeam escapes. She is taken to Trinity Hive in White Sands, where she is delivered into the belly of the Wyrm, and is reborn as a fully-fledged barrabus Nephandus.



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