The Secret Garden

Chapter Sixteen: "Second Fiddles, Second Chances"

Through the Looking Glass

The mages struggle to make sense of the bizarre world into which they have been catapulted. Here the Traditions rule reality and the Union are nothing more than a faction fighting alongside renegade mages who do not heed the dictates of the Council of the Nine Traditions. Here the Nephandi have been bound or banished for ages. Here Heylel Teomin leads the Council in its quest for Ascension.

The magi decide that they are here to learn something and are unsure if this “Mirror Zone” is even real. To harmonise this place with their own reality, to restore its balance, they decide to release the Jade Circle from where they are bound in Rosedale. Eventually, all nine heads are freed from beneath Rosedale’s chapel. Their dark spirits soar free into the Tapestry and the world will never be the same again.

Mathilde returns home. WiSK and Gideon, however, have acts for which they must answer. WiSK’s relationship with his Avatar and Gideon’s temporal misconducts come under the scrutiny of none other than Wrinkle. WiSK manages to pass his test, but Gideon is taken by the ancient Paradox spirit…



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