The Secret Garden

Chapter Seventeen: "Where Angels Fear to Tread"

The Tempest Looms

With the magi are trapped in the Mirror Zone, the Jade Circle makes its move. The Brahmastri, Vedic agents of Adonaios, join forces with Moonbeam and attack Rosedale, where the Ivory Tower watches over the Jade Circle heads formerly in Barraclough’s keeping. In the battle, one of the heads is released.

The Brahmastri escort Moonbeam to their Himalayan base. Batini magi attempt to intercept them, but the Eblite intervenes and slays them all. In response to this, Gerard d’Anjou attempts to infiltrate the temple and slay Moonbeam but is discovered and flees, suffering hideous wounds in the process.

Adonaios takes Moonbeam out onto a Kashmiri nuclear test site and awaits the detonation. When the multi-megaton blast comes, he takes Moonbeam and plants his seed within her, laying the path for the rebirth of Malachai.

Sometime later, Mathilde awakes in hospital, having been missing for over a year and a half (trapped in the Mirror Zone). She heads home to Le Caylar, where Gerard is now near death. She is later joined by WiSK (who has come through his trial with much insight) and Gideon, who has spent an eternity outside of time repairing rents in the Tapestry for Wrinkle.

Gerard tells them of Malachai’s imminent rebirth and of the release of the Jade Circle head at Rosedale. He also passes on the family line to Mathilde – to the bitter resentment of her brother. And then he dies.

The mages are able to locate and retrieve the katana counterpart to the wakizashi lost to the Jade Demon – it exists as a relic in the Shadowlands. They also are able to call upon the aid of an enlightened emanation of Adonaios – the Pleromatic Angel known as Aelethiel. With his protection and the power of the katana, the magi are ready for their final showdown with the Jade Circle.



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