The Secret Garden

Chapter Twenty Five: "Bonds of Blood"

The Family and the Library

Charles wakes up in bath.
James and Reginald coming to see him in car. Find him in bathroom. Try to help.
Paramedics arrive.
Smith and Howard come up in left. Give tip-off.
First meeting.
Flashback to Reginald and Alfred Norrel talking about establishment of Library.
Paramedics take Charles in ambo. James goes with him. Smith and Howard take Reginald.
Before leaving, Smith cleanses room. Reginald notices.

Info from doctors – kidney taken. Urban myths.
Press (Moira) tries to get story. James uses Mind to get rid of her.
James concerned this is attack on family. Smith & Howard say it is not.
Charles placed in better care. Heals quickly.
Mother calls, insists that James deal with matter. Talks to Charles, warns him about enemies and says he must retrieve kidney.
James learns that Charles has been drinking at hotel bar recently.
Howard convinces police to give him files.
Smith checks out Poemander Hall and discovers it sits on leylines and node.

Smith and Howard invited to Poemander to discuss investigation.
They discover file on W-S family, warning against involvement, mentioning disappearance of Reginald Tewin.
They go anyway.
Flashback to Reginald and Alfred Norrel talking about infiltrating W-S family.
Reveal that they are interested in cataloguing rather than investigating. Still, have lots of questions.

Smith and Howard get info from hotel. CCTV and info from bartender about Ruth.
James calls them. They are not interested in talking to him, but he uses Mind to get some details from them.
James annoyed that they are not proper investigators.
James calls Library boss.
Library boss hassles Smith and Howard.

Charles continues to party, having one of his women over.
Spends time at tree.
Recalls warnings from his mother about having enemies.

James gets license info from DVLA.
Howard and Smith get it also, but through legit channels.
Get location of Eat Me.
Reginald gets info from Familiar and mirror spirits – gets names of those involved and hears about Eat Me.

James arranges for everyone to meet with magic.
PCs all go to Eat Me. Charles causes powercut.
PCs infiltrate club.
Confront bad guys. Shit hits the fan and the PCs wipe the floor with them.
Find out about Stafford.

Charles and his mother talking about Emma’s death
Reginald and Genevieve, talking about the W-S involvement in the establishment of the Library
Alfred Norrell and Reginald talking about infiltrating the W-S family.

Charles at node. Spirit trying to talk to him.
Meeting at Poemander Hall, deciding how to tackle Stafford.
Petronella arrives. Charles sneaks off to her cottage. They ridicule James.

Stafford. Uncomfortable discussions. He calls their bluff and flips out.
PCs beat him up and interrogate him. He taunts them.
Charles calls Mother – she warns him to beware of murder and mentions how her brother chose poorly in that regard.
Stafford reveals existence of Spaniard.
PCs call the police and turn Stafford over.

Harry reads up on occult significance of kidneys.
Reginald comes to Library, but Harry refuses to allow him access. Meets in conference room instead.
They put their cards on the table. Reginald reveals how old he is and that he knows the Library. Harry talks about his past lives and how one of them knew Reginald. Harry talks about the scarcity of mages – Reginald replies that he has been surrounded by them all his life. They agree not to hide their skills from one another and to deal more openly with each other.

PCs question Jack Shiel – learn that he was seduced by Ruth as well.
PCs question Anna Lowther. Charles flirts outrageously. Learn that she was seduced by Killian.
Neither is a mage. PCs deduce that there is no occult significance in the choice of victims.

PCs locate the Spaniard and visit him. Charles prevents the receptionist from warning him of their arrival.
Charles tries to flood his penthouse with sleeping gas. Spaniard counters the effect and invites them in.
He reveals his uses for the kidneys – immortality elixir. He used to have other methods but these have failed since the War of Ruins (Reginald and Harry remember what the phrase means).
PCs say he is no less a monster than Stafford. But they cannot bring themselves to turn him in, especially after he promises them friendship and learning. He gives them a bunch of rotes and an amulet.
The PCs leave. They have allowed a monster loose in the world and now must walk that world themselves. Are they monsters too? Beings more elevated than humanity? Or simply men?



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