The Secret Garden

Chapter Twenty Seven: "Ourobouros"

The Son Rises

Flashback: Harry experiences Norrel’s death at the hands of the three black entities when Norrel tries to kill Genevieve. He sees himself cradled in the arms of a three-faced divinity.

Harry wakes in Muriel’s quarters, having been rescued from the Gauntlet by her. She reads the tarot for him and warns of Genevieve’s deceptions in tricking Reginald into killing the Engineer.
James talks to Wytchwood again, agreeing to meet them regarding their plans for the fields to the west.
Petronella persuades James to allow the rock band “Piece of the Action” to set up shop in one of the cottages.
Harry is ordered back to work by his new boss Rathbone.
Reginald is visited by the three black entities (“the Sleepless”), who tell him to retrieve the Goddess Stone using the help of the Library in order to forge the central axis of a web of nodes.

Charles encounters his malformed son – fully grown – in the woods. His son wants a name and a family.
Muriel tells Reginald that Genevieve has tricked him into killing the Engineer. Reginald keeps his own counsel on the matter.
Harry uses magic to access a recently-discovered door in the Library. He finds Carter’s body. Carter has apparently shot himself after reading a file that reveals that the Library was funded and founded by the Family in order to prevent a future event known as The Becoming.
Reginald deals with a variety of family issues, including irate staff-members who feel that the brothers have swanned off for two days without saying where they were going.

Investigation by Amanda reveals that the Goddess Stone is at Blythe House. Amanda also discovers that Emma seemingly vanished, with no record of her death.

Joe Risley goes missing and is discovered wandering the woods, possessed by tatterlings. Although saved in a vile fight, the conflict also draws the attention of Charles’ son, who learns his identity and seems about to commit some terrible act. Charles kills him and is visited by the Sleepless, who tell him that the future is now in his hands…



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