Phoenix in Pearl

Enigmatic assassin


A white-clad assassin who is called upon to finish what less competent souls have started, the Phoenix in Pearl is as intimidating as he is inscrutable. He dresses in brocaded white garments of an oriental design and wields a katana. Of course.


Little is known about the Phoenix in Pearl. He was most recently encountered working for the Spaniard.

In a future timeline, he worked for the Consanguinity of Eternal Joy, attempting to capture or kill Jade Kim, but it is believed that he has only offered his services to Helekar for the short term. He would seem to be his own master, or owe fealty to an as-yet unidentified third party.

In an alternate timeline, the Phoenix in Pearl killed Thomas O’Byrne in a shallowing beneath Salford Quay, although the fact that Thomas had just entered the Umbra when the fatal blow fell meant that he endured as a spirit, instead of being slain outright. Presumably, the Phoenix in Pearl would like to even the score…

Phoenix in Pearl

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