Voormas, the Grand Harvester of Souls

Ruler of House Helekar


An aged, withered man leaning on a weather-beaten staff, Voormas watches over the activities of House Helekar with inscrutable calm. He knows that all the time in the world belongs to him, and that all good things come to he who waits.


Voormas is the ruler of House Helekar and chief mage of the Consanguinity of Eternal Joy. Voormas was once a Thuggee priest and spent most of his early life killing for his Euthanatos masters. He passed through the various ranks, learning more and more Euthanatos truths along the way. By the time he reached the innermost body of the sect, he was a Euthanatos mage. He had given up the ways of life for the ways of death. In the early 18th century Voormas became the next Grand Harvester of Souls, leader of Helekar. Since that time, Voormas’ name has been synonymous with death and fanaticism. Voormas told the other members of the Consanguinity that he was a Postulate hoping to gain acceptance into the ranks of the Oracles of Entropy. He has few personal interests save morbidity. He spent a great deal of time meditating, studying magick, traveling about the Shade Realm of Entropy “testing himself,” scrying on potential threats to the Euthanatos, and directing the mages of the Chantry.

The monumental powers at this master’s command should be obvious enough; any man capable of moving an entire chantry from the Shade Realm is more a force of nature. All that was left behind were ruins and the dungeons. Voormas took the actual House of Helekar away. The whole thing. Despite his obvious corruption, he’s sincere. Some speculated that he went to the Nephandic Cauls long ago, but Theora thinks that’s bullshit. Voormas honestly believes he’s serving the gods of destruction with his work. From things he says, Theora is sure Voormas feels that the time has come for the end of the Earth we know. Maybe he’s right.

Voormas, the Grand Harvester of Souls

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