Alastair Lewis

Shadow Operative


Essence: Dynamic

Nature: Judge

Demeanour: Conformist

Strength00 Charisma00 Perception (Trained)0000
Dexterity000 Manipulation0000 Intelligence00
Stamina00 Appearance00 Wits (Ready)0000

Alertness000 Drive00 Enigmas0
Awareness00 Firearms00 High Speech (Kaja)00
Brawl0 Melee0 Investigation000
Athletics00 Stealth00 Linguistics (Russian, Slavic Patois)00
Intimidation00 Survival0 Medicine0

Correspondence00 Life Prime0
Entropy00 Matter Spirit0
Forces00 Mind0 Time
Backgrounds Languages
Avatar00 English
Arcane00 Russian
Resources0 Slavic Patois
Sanctum (+1 Arcane)00



Specialty Foci: Correspondence (sensory deprivation tank), Entropy (goggles & white noise)

Unique Foci: none

Resonance: Dynamic (oscillating) 2, Entropic (murderous) 1

Quintessence: -

Paradox: 5

Merits: Fast Learner

Flaws: Addiction (alcohol, nicotene)

Initiative: 7

Attack: Brawl 4/2B, Heavy Pistol 5/5L

Defense: Dodge 5, Soak 2B

Move: Walk: 7 yds, Jog: 15 yds, Run: 29 yds/14 yds


Alastair Lewis was born in Glasgow in the mid-seventies, the middle child of a policeman and a nurse. His recollections of his youth are of an utterly average home life – footy on the common, an orange kitchen and a pale green bathroom suite, Cold War spy novels – punctuated by camping trips to the highlands and islands with his father, brother and uncle.

After receiving a thoroughly average lower middle class upbringing, living in Paisley for most of it, he attended St. Andrews where he took Russian with Slavic studies. By this time he had every intention of pursuing a security career, or one at least on the fringes of the covert world. Immediately after university he joined Strathclyde police, which is responsible for Glasgow.

His background as the son of a serving officer with a decent reputation, as well as his language skills, caught the eye of Strathclyde CID, and he was quickly offered the chance to take the Detective exams. Once a DC he was involved in investigations relating to smuggling, drugs and people trafficking and other serious and organised crime. Unsurprisingly this brought him into close proximity to security investigations, leading before long to an offer to join Strathclyde Special Branch.

After joining Special Branch he initially worked on industrial activism, but lobbied hard for a transfer to Ireland related investigations. He spent two years on secondment to the then-RUC (an assignment he took primarily in order to jump the queue to sergeant), operating out of the MI5 offices at Palace Barracks in Belfast. It was here that he cut his teeth as a case officer in the intelligence business, running agents including Aiden Cavannaugh. Then Kosovo happened, and he couldn’t have loved it more.

The air-war was never going to remain thus; British boots were always going to be all over Kosovo after it. The only real question was how many: just teams of SIS, SAS and other covert forces, or battalions of infantry as well? He spent the duration of the air-campaign learning to speak Serbian with as little Russian diction as possible, as well as a smattering of Albanian, and prepared to deploy for his first real foreign job. Many would follow.

As the game starts, it’s over ten years since Kosovo. He’s been promoted to DS, transferred to the Met, specialised in counter-intelligence, deployed all over the Balkans, Baltics, Caucasus and elsewhere, left the service, and Awakened. What follows is another story…

Alastair Lewis

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