Paranoid Recluse


Baedecker was a powerful mage living in London. He offered various covert services to members of the city’s supernatural population before he was struck in the ear by a speeding truck.


Baedecker was a known contact of Alaric Saint-Pol. He employed Aiden Cavannaugh and Alastair Lewis as assassins, spies and cleaners before his untimely demise. Due to his paranoia, most of Baedecker’s interaction with the outside world took place through his factotum Milton.

Baedecker was allegledly connected with the Regulators. It is claimed that he got them all killed. Investigations after his death also revealed that he was posing as a retired banker (called Charles) and living in a Teddington houseboat with Rebecca Handley.

Evidence suggests that Baedecker was killed by forces connected to the House of Helekar.


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