Felix Harrison

Occult Bookseller


Felix is 27 years old, stands 178cm tall and has dark hair with blue eyes

Essence: Dynamic

Nature: Architect

Demeanour: Loner

Strength00 Charisma00 Perception000
Dexterity (Quick)0000 Manipulation00 Intelligence (Inventive)0000
Stamina00 Appearance00 Wits000

Alertness00 Crafts0 Academics0
Athletics00 Drive0 Computer0
Awareness00 Firearms0 Enigmas0
Expression0 Meditation0 Medicine0
Subterfuge0 Stealth00 Occult00
Technology0 Science (Maths)000
Correspondence000 Life000 Prime000
Entropy Matter Spirit
Forces00 Mind0 Time0
Backgrounds Languages
Arcane000 Hebrew
Avatar0000 German
Familiar (Paradox + knowledge high speech)00



Specialty Foci: Correspondence (infinity symbol), Life (spiral), Mind (triangle & circle)

Unique Foci: Prime (mobius chain)

Resonance: Dynamic (flowing) 1

Quintessence: 6

Paradox: some

Merits: Spark of Life

Flaws: Addiction (coffee, nicotene), Sphere Ban (Entropy)

Wonders: Seal of Solomon, Tarot of the Fates

Initiative: 7

Attack: Brawl 4/2B, Light Pistol 5/4L

Defense: Dodge 6, Soak 2B

Move: Walk: 7 yds, Jog: 16 yds, Run: 32 yds/16 yds

XP 12


Felix was born in London the oldest of three children. His father was an architect and his mother an artist. He studied mathematics in University and after graduation decided to travel abroad with friends. The group decided to drive to India via Europe and the Middle East. On a stop in Damascus he met with Ibrahim and started discussing geometry, numbers and finally philosophy. Felix decided to stay a while and meet up with his friends later. He never did. Instead he continued to converse and study with Ibrahim and after a couple of months, he awakened.

Ibrahim then told him about the Ahl-i-Batin and Felix gladly joined the group. He continued his education in Jerusalem under the guise of enrolling for a master’s degree in the Hebrew University but spent most of his time in the old city.

Two years later he returned to London to act as an agent for the subtle ones in the UK. He started the Mobius Strip, a small bookshop specializing in old texts on mathematics. He lives above the shop and the basement has a secret chamber that houses a small node and the parts of his library which are not for sale.

The books he sells charged as they are with ancient knowledge and a bit of quintessence from his node find their way to other centers of learning, slowly building a web of knowledge which he hopes one day will mirror the web of faith found in the Batini homeland.

Felix’s general foci include mathematical formulae, geometrical constructs, water (for life magic) and maps.

Felix’s avatar appears on the opposite side of a mobius strip (basically underneath him) being close enough to talk to but impossible to see. It moves in the same direction and rate as Felix thus always remaining on the other side of the band – always incredible close but out of reach. Presumably the more Felix advances in enlightenment (arete) the more he’ll be able to communicate with the avatar. His familiar is a cat that lives in his basement sanctum, and his mentor is Ibrahim.

Felix Harrison

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