Gideon Gov

Fringe Genius


Essence: Questing

Nature: Visionary

Demeanour: Visionary

Strength00 Charisma00 Perception000
Dexterity000 Manipulation00 Intelligence0000 (Creative)
Stamina000 Appearance00 Wits000

Athletics00 Drive00 Computer (Data Retrieval)0000
Awareness0 Firearms00 Cosmology00
Intuition00 Needlework00000 Cryptography0
Research (Physical Sciences)0000 Linguistics (English, Arabic)00
Technology0 Occult0
Science (Quantum)00000
Correspondence000 Life000 Prime000
Entropy00 Matter (transmutation)0000 Dimensional Science00
Forces00 Mind00 Time00
Backgrounds Languages
Avatar000 English
Dream00 Arabic



Pattern 0 (systematic)
Dynamic 00 (evasive, penetrating)
Quintessence: 15
Paradox: 1
Merits: none
Flaws: Addiction (coffee, nicotene), Curiosity, Strangeness
Initiative: 6
Attack: Brawl 3/2B, 44 Magnum 5/6L
Defense: Dodge 5, Soak 3B
Move: Walk: 7 yds, Jog: 15 yds, Run: 29 yds/14 yds
XP: 8XP + 2AXP

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Gideon’s Awakening brought with it an understanding of the meaning of his own death. During his time in the Israeli army, a disastrous series of errors during manoeuvres left Giddy alone and dying of thirst in the desert. He has never been sure what happened back then, and it has always been easy to rationalise after the fact, but suffice to say that Giddy found water where there should have been none. In that moment, a world of possibilities began to open before him.

Leaving the army and finishing his Bachelor’s degree, Gideon came to Manchester to study at UMIST under the brilliant but erratic Ehud Mizrachi. A demanding teacher, Mizrachi opened Giddy’s eyes to a world of science beyond his wildest dreams, where cutting edge particle physics blended seamlessly with Aristotelian discourses on the nature of matter.

And then Mizrachi perished in a devastating explosion that levelled his labs. Gideon realised that the explosion must have been planned by his mentor and was immediately suspicious of its veracity. After all, had Mizrachi not explicitly instructed Giddy to remove the oldest texts from his library, texts which soon filled his mind with their lucid fire?

Giddy never had the opportunity to answer these questions, however, as the pressures of mundane life slowly took their toll. He was forced to find work as a Junior Departmental Technician in Manchester City Council’s Department of Works. When his first field work came around, he had all but forgotten the mysteries of his time with Mizrachi. The job as foreman and overseer of site safety during the demolition of Saint Aidan’s Church, Heyhead) was only the first of many steps on a road that would lead Gideon back to the true blue hue that he had come to know as his drifting spirit itself.

Gideon Gov

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