Yvonne Meadows

Struggling TV Presenter


A bubbly woman in her 30s with a fixed smile and unsteady gaze.


You’re the only member of Jamfox still with anything like a career. As girl-bands go, Jamfox were ahead of the curve but never found the fame that later advocates of girl-power enjoyed. Still, your single Get You Back No Matter The Dommage made the top ten, and still features in retro TV shows about the era. When Jamfox folded, you were able to snag a spot presenting late-night and early-morning slots on local television, but it was your meeting with Danny Dawn that really changed things.

Yes, he was a bit of a joke at that time. Yes, his career was on the rocks. But so was yours. And in that shared desperation you found each other. Scandal soon followed, unfortunately, with a sex-tape featuring yourself making headlines all across the nation. Danny, however, said that this was the perfect opportunity to get you both back in the limelight. Your presenting acumen, combined with Danny’s (tarnished) reputation and expressive flair paved the way. Spook Spotters was the result.

The show has seen better days, and there are rumours of scandal afoot once more. But you and Danny have nowhere else to go. If Spook Spotters falters, you’ll both be on the rubbish tip. And neither of you wants that. Better grin and bear it. Or else…

Of course, your sex-tape wasn’t made with Danny! After only a few weeks together, you cheated on him with Ramon, a stage hand at Danny’s seaside psychic show. When the tape came out, however, Danny saw dollar signs and forgave you in exchange for your help in getting a new TV contract. What a bastard. Since then, he has used you shamelessly to prop up his pathetic career. How you loathe the worthless fraud. If only you could break free and have a career of your own free of his idiotic groping. Still, you are having a very satisfying fling with cameraman Zach Farley. Zach is sweet but so very stupid, and worryingly intense at times. You think he wants you to leave Danny for him. Yeah. Sure. As if.

Yvonne Meadows

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