Hapsburg Codex

Ancient Grimoire from the Dark Ages


The Hapsburg Codex is a book reported to contain the studies and wisdom of an entire line of mages who believed that magical power could be derived from personal maiming. The book is said to choose its owner, moving down through the ages.


Balthazar of Thebes was the last-reported keeper of the book. Divinations by Aiden Cavannaugh suggested that the book chronicles the successive incarnations of the past lives of an alternate version of himself from a parallel timeline. The book was later found to be in the possession of the Angel of Tears, although these versions of the book were later shown to be nothing more than Qlippothic echoes. The real version of the book was lost in the destruction of Doissetep. It reputedly contained the secrets of the Giza Continuum.

An Astral echo of the book was said to be located in the Vault of Nine Terrible Truths.

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Hapsburg Codex

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