House of Helekar

The House of Helekar is a powerful chantry of a group of Euthanatos mages known as the Consanguinity of Eternal Joy. It was identified as being a major player in the Ascension War by the Sisters of the Chalcedony Cathedral. At least one cabal is known to be part of the chantry: The Freedom Razor. The House of Helekar is ruled over by the Harvester and has connections to Calcutta, Dachau, a thantoic obelisk in Jordan, a museum in Winchester, and a necropolis in Delhi. Helekar itself was based in the Shade Realm of Entropy in the Membrane.

The House of Helekar concerns itself with matters of fate, death and the reincarnation of souls. Mages of the House of Helekar have been known to seek out certain individuals and grant them a “Good Death” with the purpose of purifying their souls in preparation for their next life.

Helekar was discovered to be tapping corrupt Quintessence from a number of foul Nodes in preparation for something truly awful. House Janissary and other mages of the Nine Traditions attacked the Shade Realm of Forces. The entire House of Helekar vanished, leaving only ruins in its wake. Its whereabouts in the universe is currently unknown.

In addition to the members of the Freedom Razor, other mages of Helekar include:

Richard Somnitz
Ulku Baydar

House Helekar has also been known to employ freelance agents, including the Phoenix in Pearl.

House of Helekar

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