Red House

A nightclub in Smithfield, London, formerly owned by Killian and Zachary Jones. Killian transferred ownership of the Red House to Aiden Cavannaugh under extreme duress, shortly before Aiden killed him. Aiden is now the owner of the club, under the fake name “David Cullen”. Killian’s wraith now haunts the building.

The nightclub used to be a cold storage warehouse, dating back at least as far as the Victorian Era, and was a central part of the Smithfield meat and poultry market (where a market has stood for over 800 years). The building (even then known as the Red House) was briefly granted Grade II Listed Building status in 2005, but this was revoked in a mildly scandalous exchange of funds that saw the building reopen in 2007 as a nightclub. This placed it in direct competition with Fabric, but Killian and his associates soon carved a niche for themselves, catering to a less-discerning breed of clientele.

The Butterfly Effect cabal have now taken possession of the club, having come to terms with Aiden’s unusual method of acquisition, and use the club building (including the apartments above it) as their Chantry. They have reopened the nightclub under the name Fall from Grace, and it enjoys rising popularity in the city.

At present, the Chantry has the following statistics:
Chantry ●●
Node ●●
Arcane ●●
Resources ●●
Retainer ●

Investigations of the building revealed a hidden sub-basement, accessed through a covered trapdoor beneath the preparation area in wing 1. This area ran the full length of the club, and its far end sported a bricked-in archway. Once the bricks were removed, this archway led onto a broad set of stone stairs leading to a subterranean remnant of a Regency-era Hellfire Club.

The caverns that formerly housed the Hellfire Club boast an active Node in the form of an angelic statue of Priapus. Node is watched over by a spirit known as the Rakehell Bastard, awakened by the cabal after a suitably bachanalian revel.

Club Floorplan

Red House

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