Time Rotes

Calculate Trajectory (Correspondence ●, Entropy ●, Forces ●, Matter ●, Time ●)
With a complex calculation, the caster can analyse the mass, speed and likely trajectory of an object. He can then react with absolute precision, dodging incoming attacks, ensuring that his own blows land with accuracy, or catching numerous items with grace and ease in quick succession.
System: Each success on this Effect gives the mage an additional attack or dodge die, or reduces the difficulty of a related roll by 1, to a maximum bonus of three dice or three points of difficulty reduction. Ideally, the caster performs calculations before the bullets start flying, but can apply a swift bit of formula in a pinch if needed. Additional successes allow him to factor in more than one object or target, or extend the duration of the Effect, allowing him to apply the bonus to successive rolls.
Created By: Terrence Pollard.

Indigo Dust (Correspondence ●, Time ●)
The caster can use this Effect to assist with finding the links between seemingly disparate events. He can read a handful of reports and realise that the current conflicts in the Balkans are linked to the disappearance of several prominent engineers in England, or that the fluctuations of the Japanese stock market have been strongly influenced by the person in the border of a picture. He might not know how or why but he will see the links.
System: Each success on this Effect allows the mage to reduce the difficulty of any related roll by 1, to a maximum reduction of -3. This might include uses of Alertness, Investigation, Enigmas or Occult, and similar skills, or even other magical Effects. Spend additional successes to have the Effect last longer granting bonuses over successive turns.
Created By: Harry Howard.

Instant Reaction (Mind ●, Time ●)
When the caster expects a certain event, he can focus his attention on it to be able to respond reflexively at the same time. For example, if a thug threatens him with a gun, he can program his body to dodge at the exact moment the thug pulls the trigger or respond with magic. A stand-off between two mages both using this Effect can be quite deadly, since they may both react at the exact same time.
System: Each success on this Effect reduces the difficulty of a related action by one, to a maximum of -3 (such as a Dodge, Athletics or Firearms roll) or improves the mage’s Initiative rating by one point. Spend additional successes to allow the Effect to last longer than a single turn.
Created by: Kailani Benson

Ricochet (Correspondence ●, Entropy ●, Forces ●, Matter ●, Time ●)
An advanced use of Calculate Trajectory, this Effect allows the caster to deflect an incoming object or bounce a thrown weapon off several surfaces before it strikes its target, confusing and surprising his foe.
System: Deflecting or bouncing weapons requires a Dexterity + Athletics roll at difficulty 6. Each success on this effect lowers that difficulty by one point, to a maximum of -3. Against incoming weapons (other than bullets or energy beams, of course), each success on the Dexterity + Athletics roll cancels out one of the attacker’s successes – if the caster scores more successes than the attacker, the weapon can be sent back the way it came. Unbalanced objects may require an additional one to three successes as well.
When used to bounce a weapon that the caster has thrown, each success provides one ricochet. These successes then also translate to extra damage dice due to the surprise of being struck from an unexpected angle.
Created By: Terrence Pollard.

Correlate Reality Deviance (Forces ●, Mind ●, Matter ●, Time ●●)
By extrapolating from available data, the mage is able to scan an area or individual and analyse the possibility that the object or person in question is supernatural in nature. Further examination yields greater information on the nature of the target in question.
System: This Effect analyses the target’s mental aura for Resonance (as per the Sense Resonance Effect,) while also scanning the target for any unusual readings along the electromagnetic spectrum or in the physical world. The Effect also looks into the past and future to scan for evidence of supernatural activity. Spend one success per target. Three additional successes will confirm whether or not the target is supernatural in nature, with one or two successes only yielding potential readings and uncertain results. Spend additional successes to extend the duration of the Effect or to glean more information about the target (its relative strength, types of Resonance, etc.)
Created By: James Gillespie.

Mental Feedback (Time ●●)
This Effect is usually cast conjunctionally with or just before a second Effect. It allows the caster to predict the effectiveness and success of the second Effect and funnel additional Quintessence or Willpower into it as needed.
System: This Effect requires as many successes as the second Effect in order to carry out successful analysis. It additionally needs additional successes as required by how far in the future the second Effect will be (usually only a single success). Each success beyond these amounts allow the caster to spend a point of Quintessence or Willpower (up to his normal limits) on the second Effect after making the Arete roll to cast the second Effect.
Created By: Gideon Gov.

Open Time’s Eye (Forces ●, Prime ●, Spirit ●, Time ●●)
An application of the principles of psychometry, this Effect allows the caster to handle an object and then view the past from that object’s point of view. The mage also receives spiritual and odyllic information from the object’s aura and the aurae of any who come into contact with the object.
System: This Effect gathers electromagnetic, spiritual and odyllic information from a location at a time other than the present, functioning as per Effects such as Current Metering, Darksight, Monitor Communications, Quantify Energy, Detect Magic, Detect Quintessence, Detect Resonance, Detect Possession, Detect Shallowing, Spirit Sight or similar. Spend successes as described in those Effects. Apply additional successes as required by the time period being viewed as per the Time Lines chart.
Created By: Moonbeam.

Spirit Radar, the Remix (Mind ●●, Spirit ●●, Time ●●)
This Effects looks into the future and across the Gauntlet to discern the intentions of anything about to cross the Gauntlet in the caster’s vicinity. The caster is thus forewarned before danger arrives.
System: The caster must first accumulate enough successes to look through the Gauntlet locally. Add another success to look into the immediate future, and two successes to read emotions. Add further successes for duration and area.
Created By: Kailani Benson.

View Past Lives (Mind ●, Prime ●, Spirit ●, Time ●●)
Many mages believe that they share souls with their previous incarnations. This rote is an expansion on a standard Divination Effect that focuses in upon the periods experienced by the caster’s previous incarnations. Although the caster cannot actually see or communicate with his Avatar, this Effect homes in upon its Essence and uses that as an anchor for the divination.
System: A difficult Effect that looks for the Essence of the caster’s Avatar, this Effect requires a full five successes to activate. Beyond this, add additional successes as determined by the Time chart, and for duration. The caster will only be able to view the immediate surroundings of his previous incarnation unless additional Effects are added.
Created By: Gideon Gov.

Time Rotes

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